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2020 Youth Movement Contest

Win $5000 toward a school wellness program of your choice!

Physical Education equipment, playground equipment, health education materials, salad bar supplies, healthy field trip experience, etc. - any program to help kids get fit!

What is the Youth MOVement Contest?

A fun, motivational contest to help combat youth obesity by encouraging Northeast Ohio school-age children to be more active.


Submit a video

Submit a 1 minute video to showing why your classroom should be selected to participate in the contest, and the wellness program your school plans to implement with the prize money. Be enthusiastic and creative!


Have your teacher review complete instructions and rules below and complete this application:

School Name*

Street Address*



School Phone Number*

School Fax Number

School Administrator*

Applying Teacher's Name*

Teacher (Phone Extension/or Contact Number)*


Number of participants*

Class/Team Name (Optional)

Email address for contest correspondence*

URL of Video submitted to YouTube*


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The activity portion of the Youth MOVement Contest runs:

Feb 1 - Feb 29th, 2020


1) Under the guidance and instruction of their teacher, classes must submit an application found on this web-page Included in this application will be the URL for the video (60 seconds or less in duration) which has been uploaded by the teacher to explaining why the Straight from the Heart executive committee should select their class to participate in the competition, and what wellness initiative they intend to use the prize money for.

2) By submitting an entry, all participants have agreed to permit the Community West Foundation/Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospitals and any associated entity to reuse content and information for any purpose.

3) School officials/teachers submitting applications, must secure consent from all participants and their parents prior to posting content including images of participants.

4) The contest is open to classes (no greater than 40 participants) from schools in Northeast, Ohio. The SFTH Executive Committee will select schools to compete. Their decision is final.

5) Once the selections are made, schools/classes will be notified. Each student in selected classes must sign and have their parents or guardian co-sign the permission form and agree to all rules of the contest prior to participation. Individual students can elect not to participate. Students answering yes to any of the PARQ screening questions must present approval from their physician before participating in this activity/contest.

6) Students in classes selected that choose to participate will be provided at no cost a wearable technology device, instructions on how to register/use the device, and how to download the data.

7) Students will register on the MOVABLE website with information including date of birth, individual login and password. Students will submit an email address for general contest reminders and communication. Parent permission is required for the email address submitted.

8) Student’s data will snyc with and be downloaded on the movable website to track activity data. Individual students will be able to view their personal information, and see their progress. Students will be anonymously identified by number to other participants. The collection of data used for the contest will include only aggregate data that will be used to determine the winners.

9) At any time the student participant or parent of a student can revoke consent and discontinue participation in the contest.

10) Should the student lose their device, they will not be provided with a replacement. Dates without data entries will not count or be held against a class.

11) Winners will be determined based on average number of movements per student per day.

12) At the end of the contest teachers will submit the total number of students that still have possession of their issued device on the last day of the competition. Student retaining their device throughout the contest will be eligible for an additional incentive prize.

13) Students will be able to keep their device to individually track activity after the contest is over. Students can elect to participate in the MOVABLE national contests after the contest is over should they desire.

14) Division Prize money will be distributed by the Community West Foundation/Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospitals and must be used for the intended purpose of enhancing health and wellness for the participating class/school.